What’s in it for me?
The benefits that come from being a part of our Community Partner Network business are many.

  • Your are able to advertise to over 1,500 of our clients and future clients for free each month in our newsletter
  • Be able to use word-of-mouth advertising at no cost to you or your customers or clients. What better way to build your business?
  • Be able to get goods and services for yourself and family at a discount by being a part of our network

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, the first step is to provide us with your name, company name, type of business, address, phone, and email address. Also include your website, business card or other information about your business to include on our Community Partner Network website. Please include information about your business (number of years in business, type of business, products or services that you offer and what might set you apart from the competition).

We are choosing only one or two businesses in such categories (accountant, house cleaner, handyman, mechanic, plumber, etc). In addition, in order to maintain our reputation and high ethical standards, you must have no complaints, bad reviews or be under any investigation. We also ask that you offer some kind of special or discount.

Your business, along with others, will be featured on the website where you can be referred by others and likewise you can refer your clients.